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a joint blog by charlotte and delilah

the act of making desirable discoveries by chance, 

& perhaps you stumbling across this secret blog could be the simplest act of serendipity.

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i'm back bebe.

Friday, 13 July 2012

so basically. went to see "Brave" today with the fam and it was super inspirational and all that except 90% of the time i was just looking at her hair because i'm so in love with it. 
i mean seriously. why am i not a red head. LOL I KIDD. An asian with red hair would be very ......................... strange.

(but seriously i love the hair)

oh and watching that movie just confirmed how much of an over emotional person i am. yes, i must admit i did shed tears. :')

and during my extremely unproductive day in this holiday i was so bored and for some odd reason i picked up the camera and took a picture of the sky.


 summary of the interesting parts during my un-blogging life that i can recall:

so year 9 started and our good friend, andrea left us for a farmer school but instead 5 new people came to join us and at first 3 of them sat with our group but then pooof only one person ended up sitting with us and i'm glad she did because she fits in like a......... grain of sand on the beach ? okay shush i'm not good with english poetic....stuff. but yeah, she's awesome and we share 2 electives (yay)

and then there were camp. excursions. hipstah. assessments. etc.

uhh for my maths assessment i though i got pretty good and i won a bet with nicky but then i sat down with my group of nerdy friends that day and i felt sao stupid. and then we got our english stuff back and i wish i could have dug a hole in the library and disappear. but that wish didn't come true so here i am.

ruby, nicky and i were just casually being awesome and kind of but not really spying on a couple before basketball. well we were kind of joking-spying thing and we got carried away when BAM we turn around and the couple isn't there anymore. so we search around, which i regret, and

bus stop boy.

so yeah, that's it for me. i wonder who's gonna be first to realise that i'm back ?
oh btw, 100th post !

x Charlotte

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